Happy Boorito Day!

And now for a little something aside from my photography. Here's a little tidbit about me: I am in love with everything Chipotle. Yes, everything tastes amazing from their cilantro lime rice to the spicy barbacoa (I've had everything on the menu), but I also love what they stand for! Steve Ells, the founder, advocates for a healthier way of eating and supporting the local farmers of a community. Since 2001 they have been serving naturally raised beef, pork, and chicken. Naturally raised means they are not injected with hormones and antibiotics and aren't living in tight quarters. No, I do not know each of the farms that the animals come from, but I do know that they are informing the American public about their ingredients and what exactly people are signing up for when they order something from Chipotle. So much of the food we eat today is made with too many preservatives and chemicals and frankly I would rather not put that in my body. So, as you can see, it's no question for me who would win in a Qdoba v Chipotle food battle. Even their website is the cutest thing ever! If you have never checked out their ingredient page you should head over and check it out! It's so fun and interactive!

You might be wondering why I am bringing up Chipotle today, and that's because they give out free or cheaper priced burritos than usual on Halloween. This year it is a $3 burrito from 5-10pm. The catch is that you have to dress up. Back in 2008, when I first went (and have been going every year since) you had to have a piece of foil somewhere on your body, but now they raised the stakes and you have to dress up! So have a great Boorito Day! Here is your present: an extremely awkward photo of my first ever Boorito Day...when I dressed up as a...you guessed it - a burrito!

Oh, and here's my cat, Jasmine in honor of National Cat Day 10/29/14 :)