I just got back from Seattle after taking the red eye from coast to coast on Sunday evening. I went to attend a wedding with a friend which was super fun! I also have family that live up there and I really enjoyed staying with my aunt who was the best tour guide ever! I didn't know how gorgeous it is over there and I will definitely have to go back. Between downtown, the mountains, and the support for the arts, I know I would love to live there. I did go when it was sunny, however, and apparently it's pretty rare to see any sunlight :) I'll miss you even so, Seattle! Here are some fun photos I took from the trip. To see more pics/videos follow me @mel2theodie on instagram!

Breakfast: pears from the pear tree.
Tourist Time: EMP Musuem (my favorite)
The Chihuly Art Exhibit was gorgeous!
To the city!
Here are some randoms from driving around and whatnot ;)
 Proof I was there :)
 From the top of the Space Needle - the best view of the city. I know...I need to clean my sensor.