Katelyn James Coaching Reunion

One week ago I had the opportunity to meet with the amazing Katelyn James (again!) and meet wonderful photographers from all over Virginia and even different surrounding states like PA and MD. It was a reunion for all of the photographers she has had a coaching session with. When Simone and I did our coaching session last summer it was the most informative and helpful experience to help me start a business. I am so glad I did it and have come so far since then. At the coaching reunion I was super excited to meet with the other girls so we could get to know one another. Katelyn has started something really wonderful throughout the photography community and I am so happy to be a part of it. Helping each other is much more prosperous than trying to hide details of wedding photography from other photogs. It can be super beneficial to everyone when you are open to helping others because you can also ask questions when you are in a difficult situation. I was also surprised to know that Lauren Galloway would be modeling for us! After enjoying an awesome pasta dinner and welcome session we did a mini shoot with her. There were so many of us, that we had to take shots of her in groups. I have really loved getting to see everyone's photos because it has allowed me to see the different styles that everyone has while shooting and during post-processing. I am so blessed to have had this chance and I can't wait to further my connections with these girls and the rest of the photog community!